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About Company

“BureauVeritas” is working on cutting edge technology to solve complex problem and providing best in class services to their clients with earliest adopter of Agile & Scrum Framework.

We use Java and JavaScript based frameworks for server-side development. We use relational as well as NoSQL databases for faster processing of complex set of data.

JavaScript in combination with HTML and CSS has revolutionized the way web and mobile applications are built and we are extremely adept at implementing the JS universe. Experts in developing applications using native as well as hybrid technologies for mobile, tablets and connected devices.

DevOps led development improves time to market, increases efficiency and reduces redundancy in the system.


In “Bureau Veritas” we follow Agile methodology which is used to expedite software application development and enables clients to be happier with the end product by making improvements and involving clients with development decisions throughout the process.

We use this model of project management to ensure that throughout the process customers save time, money, and have the flexibility to make changes anytime during the development process. We break down each project into prioritized requirements, and delivering each individually within an iterative cycle. An iteration is the routine of developing small sections of a project at a time.

Each iteration is reviewed and assessed by the development team and client. The insights gained from the assessment are used to determine the next step in development. Clients come to prescheduled regular meetings to review the work completed the previous iteration, and to plan work for the upcoming iteration. Detailed goals are set in each iteration meeting such as; expected changes, time estimates, priorities.


We follow Scrum that helps encourages teams to learn through experiences, self-organize while working on a problem, and reflect on their wins and losses to continuously improve.

Scrum is a team process. Scrum team includes three roles Scrum Owner, the Scrum Master and the member of Development Team. The Product Owner has responsibility for deciding what work will be done.

The Scrum Master helping the team and organization making best use of scrum. The development team build the product incrementally in a series of short time periods called Sprints. A Sprint is fixed time period, from one to four weeks. In each Sprint Scrum Team will build and deliver a product Increment.